Social Entrepreneur from Kenya founds a platform to promote employment of persons with disabilities

Social Entrepreneur from Kenya founds a platform to promote employment of persons with disabilities

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FREDRICK-150x150NAIROBI, KENYA – Fredrick Ouko of Nairobi, Kenya, has established an Initiative that runs a mobile application and a mobile short code 21499 to help persons with disabilities looking for jobs in Kenya find them easily through the help of technology. – See more at:

Fredrick is an Ashoka Fellow elected in 2012 and a leading social entrepreneur. He is the current Executive Director of Action Network for the Disabled, an organization that seeks to create an equal opportunity and barrier-free society for persons with disabilities in Kenya.

The initiative established by Fredrick is called Riziki Source and it runs as a social enterprise arm of Action Network for the Disabled with a mission of using technology to connect persons with disabilities to job opportunities towards sustainable livelihoods.

People with disabilities rarely access formal employment given numerous challenges faced including, inaccessible workspaces, discrimination on grounds of disability, low educational levels occasioned by a rigid education system, infrastructural challenges, negative attitudes and lack of access to the advertised job opportunities. The limited income generation opportunities have continued to force them to the periphery of society making them slump into the lethal vicious circle of poverty and thereby worsening and threatening their own survival thus re-enforcing the World Disability Report (2011) conclusions that persons with disabilities are often the poorest of the poor.

Employers lack information and support on how to engage person with disabilities in their companies or how to find those who are qualified for various roles and thus do not bother hiring them for fear of the unknown.

“This is the reason Riziki Source has been established to connect persons with disabilities with job opportunities; prepare them, train and support employers who are taking on inclusion of persons with disabilities at the workplace”. Says Fredrick

Through Riziki Source, a mobile short code (21499) has been created and integrated with a mobile application and hosted at ; this will allow any person with a disability looking for a job or internship in Kenya to send a text message (KAZI) to the short code (21499). The Mobile application is pre-loaded with set questions that the user is required to respond to through a text message and this will be aggregated into a profile of the client including i.e. the type of disability, level of qualification, type of job being sought etc.

This information will be captured into a database and the user requested to send his/her current CV either in soft copy for those who have access to internet or a hard copy to our post office for us to digitalize it. Through the website any employer, the public and the administrator is able to know how many people with disabilities are actively looking for jobs or internships and from how many counties.

“We will then work with employers through strategic partnerships, marketing the service for them to use it in their bid to find qualified individuals with disabilities who are looking for jobs since this is also a legal requirement enshrined in our Constitution. Employers with vacancies and are considering taking in persons with disabilities will send in their job offers for us to circulate to those registered with Riziki Source.” Fredrick concluded.

About Riziki Source: is  a social enterprise driving innovation in the field of disability and employment, we believe that everyone deserves to earn a decent income through the efforts of their brains, skills, and competencies and this right should not be taken away by the mere fact of being born or getting a disability in life.

We drive initiatives that leverage on technology, impact sourcing, training and partnerships with both government and private sectors to enable persons with disabilities find work in an empowering and inclusive environment alongside their colleagues without disabilities.

For interviews or additional information, Contact Tel: +254706811603 

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