Our work through Richard`s Lens.

Our work through Richard`s Lens.


Richard D. Bukachi Okola

I got to know about a Riziki Source through a local daily Newspaper.

A photo of Richard Bukachi

A photo of Richard 

My Interaction with Riziki Source so far has been incredible. I was introduced to the world of appropriate skills in job searching. These skills have helped me put my best foot forward by adding value that is appropriate to the employer to my profile as a job seeker. These skills are as following:

  • Appropriate C.V. Writing
  • Relevant and appropriate Computer Skills i.e. MS Windows, Excel, Power Point etc. I have also learnt Transferable, employ-ability, business and financial management skills.

I am looking forward to opening a counseling Center to provide therapy to individuals from all walks of life and help bring emotional and psychological healing to issues bedeviling our society. The counseling Center is bound to subsequently grow and accommodate a rehabilitation Center for substance and alcohol abuse patients.


Riziki source has been very instrumental by providing a platform linking me as a person with a disability to better market and Package my skills in the market place. I am a professionally trained Counselor in Psychology looking forward to private practice. I have acquired relevant skills from Riziki Source that have without doubt enhanced and sharpened my profession. I have never felt this ready to go and begin private practice thanks to Riziki Source.

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