An interview with Michael Maisha Karisa

An interview with Michael Maisha Karisa


Please introduce yourself:

I am Michael Masha Karisa and I stay at a place called Kikuyu and I am a person with disability. I have had a physical disability  from birth. I do music. I love doing music and interacting with people. Basically, music is what I live with because I play the piano and I teach it so basically that’s me.Mike

How did you hear about Riziki Source?

I was somewhere, where I was looking for a job. The music which I am doing is still not enough to keep up with my daily needs. So I was looking for an employment, a place where I can be employed. And I searched on the internet here and there and I came across a number that I was given by ANDY. It is a group I had interacted with. It is an organization that works with persons with disabilities and they gave me a number to call or to text so that i can be linked to an employment opportunity. So I did that procedure and I was later called for training and that is how I came to know about Riziki Source, as the staff at Riziki Source were the ones who called.

What has been your interaction with Riziki Source so far? What types of training have you done? And how did Riziki Source support you?

So far, by the way, I am very grateful to Riziki Source because I learned about the computer. I have learned about Excel, I have learned about Power Point, I have learned about Microsoft word and basically all those packages coming together. They have helped me even in my music. I am planning to be a producer later, so with all these skills in computer, they have enabled me to be more confident in what I want to do. So I am very thankful because they support me. The training is free and I came here and I learn`t a lot and there is no limit to what I can learn with Riziki Source. I thought I was coming for an internship, but the training that they give is more valuable than the job. Now it’s definitely that I’ll get a job somehow.


Have you gotten any job opportunities long or short term through Riziki Source?

Yes, I have. In the election period, I was a clerk and it is through the Riziki Source platform that I came about even to apply for the job and they (Riziki Source) gave me a certificate because they (IEBC) needed some certification of the computer thing. So they gave me that certification and through it, I landed that job. It was short term; it was just for seven days. So I am grateful.

What are your plans for the future and how do you think Riziki Source helped you towards that goal?

What I want to do in future  is  to become a producer one day. And Riziki Source has come in handy because of the computer literacy I have gotten through them, because now for you to be a producer you have to be good in computer. You have to be good in how to incorporate it and everything that concerns a computer. So I think that is a plus for me.

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